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About Big Talks Weekly



“To connect is to understand, and understanding is power”   

Big Talks Weekly was founded with the ambition to simplify the HSC syllabus for students and teachers. By systematically presenting HSIE content through current news events, teaching and learning become real and relevant.

This platform has been built and backed by people with a vision and personal purpose for educating young people. The founder completed his education in Sydney, attending UTS on an academic scholarship after high school. Working directly with CEOs of ASX top 200 companies at the Business Council of Australia, and as a Management Consultant at Deloitte, the importance of relating school content to real-life events became apparent through experience.  

This platform gives access to carefully tailored information that will inform the future. It provides relevant and simplified information needed to be aware of the world around us, succeed in the HSC, at university and in the workplace.